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Art by Lyn Lyndall
Leather Earrings, Business Card Holders, Gloves, Pins, Pillows, Ornaments - All work done by hand
  1. White Tiger Cell Phone Case
    White Tiger Cell Phone Case
  2. Ginkgo Leaf Pins
    Ginkgo Leaf Pins
  3. Paw Glove
    Paw Glove
  4. Luna Moth Pin
    Luna Moth Pin
  5. Animal Ornaments
    Animal Ornaments
  6. Dragon Pin and Butterfly/Peacock Earrings
    Dragon Pin and Butterfly/Peacock Earrings
  7. Business Card Case and Interior
    Business Card Case and Interior
  8. Butterfly Wing Earrings
    Butterfly Wing Earrings
  9. Butterfly Wing Earrings
    Butterfly Wing Earrings
  10. Wolf Cell Phone Case
    Wolf Cell Phone Case
  11. Wolf Pillow
    Wolf Pillow
  12. Hand Painted Business Card Holders
    Hand Painted Business Card Holders
  13. Single Change Purse
    Single Change Purse
  14. Carved & Painted Change Purses
    Carved & Painted Change Purses
  15. Fingerless Gloves
    Fingerless Gloves
  16. Crawling Eye Cuffs
    Crawling Eye Cuffs
  17. Dragon Wing Earrings
    Dragon Wing Earrings
  18. Newer Business Card Cases
    Newer Business Card Cases
  19. Fingerless Glove
    Fingerless Glove
  20. Colored Dragon Wing Earrings
    Colored Dragon Wing Earrings
Leather Corset Belts - Burned, hand painted and beaded
  1. Skull Corset Belt
    Skull Corset Belt
  2. Raven Corset Belt
    Raven Corset Belt
  3. Wolf Corset Belt
    Wolf Corset Belt
  4. Griffin Corset Belt
    Griffin Corset Belt
  5. Dragon Corset Belt
    Dragon Corset Belt
  6. Tassel Corset Belt
    Tassel Corset Belt
Leather Bags - All hand made and they may be hand painted, burned, beaded, carved by hand, fringed with hand cut leather strips
  1. Dead Horse Bag
    Dead Horse Bag
  2. Wolf Gun Holster Bag
    Wolf Gun Holster Bag
  3. Deer Foot Bag
    Deer Foot Bag
  4. Fetish Bags
    Fetish Bags
  5. Bear Skull Bag
    Bear Skull Bag
  6. Black Cat Bag
    Black Cat Bag
  7. Blue Raven Gun Holster Bag
    Blue Raven Gun Holster Bag
  8. Celtic Crow Bag
    Celtic Crow Bag
  9. Chincotique Mare Bag
    Chincotique Mare Bag
  10. Celtic Horse Bag
    Celtic Horse Bag
  11. Cougar Bag
    Cougar Bag
  12. Dead Raven Bag
    Dead Raven Bag
  13. Celtic Wolf Bag
    Celtic Wolf Bag
  14. Deer Skull Bag
    Deer Skull Bag
  15. Bald Eagle Bag
    Bald Eagle Bag
  16. Dragonfly Bag
    Dragonfly Bag
  17. Friesian Horse Bag
    Friesian Horse Bag
  18. Great Horned Owl Bag
    Great Horned Owl Bag
  19. Buffalo Skull Hand Bag
    Buffalo Skull Hand Bag
  20. Mayan King Bag
    Mayan King Bag
  21. Monument Valley Bag
    Monument Valley Bag
  22. Celtic Ginkgo Bag
    Celtic Ginkgo Bag
  23. Raven Bag
    Raven Bag
  24. Fairy Sporran
    Fairy Sporran
  25. Thistle & Claymores Sporran
    Thistle & Claymores Sporran
  26. Celtic Serpent Sporran
    Celtic Serpent Sporran
  27. Sugar Skull Pirate Bag
    Sugar Skull Pirate Bag
  28. Crawling Eye Sporran
    Crawling Eye Sporran
  29. Pegasus Sporran
    Pegasus Sporran
  30. Harlequin Dragon Sporran
    Harlequin Dragon Sporran
  31.  Asheville Drink Bottle Holder
    Asheville Drink Bottle Holder
  32. Wolf Bag
    Wolf Bag
  33. Ram Skull Bag
    Ram Skull Bag
  34. Peacock Bag
    Peacock Bag
  35. Painted Ponies Bag
    Painted Ponies Bag